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Solutions for Success

Based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we provide the nation with industry leading business strategies and solutions. Our creative background affords us the ability to think differently and accomplish uncommon results. 

NW Premier implements creative financial solutions for business owners and their business. Our mission is to assure the financial success of each business and owner by using our proven, repeatable process resulting in unparalleled clarity, tax efficiency and, ultimately, peace of mind.  Our passion is to see people keep more of their hard-earned money and give less to governments, health care facilities and unnecessary costs.


4 Key Objectives

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Objective Number One


In a world full of noise and confusion, clarity is paramount. This is the first key to your business' success. How can you make a confident decision without first understanding what you have, why you have it and if its aligned with what you want?

Objective Number Two

Asset Protection

Proper protection allows our clients to grow their businesses with an unparalleled peace of mind. For example, what good is it to make millions of dollars if it could all be lost in a day?

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Objective Number Three

Tax Efficiency

Of all the things that impact our clients the most, taxes are always at the top of the list. We have yet to meet someone who is so fond of the Internal Revenue Service that they want to donate extra resources to them. Instead, our clients work alongside licensed CPA's, creating tailor-made strategies that make a radical impact in our clients bottom line. 

Objective Number Four​

Wealth Building

Now that you know what you have, why you have it and are confident everything is protected and aligned with what you want, you have the right to build. Growing this business is your responsibility to those you serve, provide for and love. Not everyone thinks like you, takes risks like you and is passionate like you. Why do you think that is? You have a capacity unlike your peers. It is our responsibility to see you succeed unlike any of your peers.

Apartment Building

Our Clientele 

Small Business Owners / Startups

Our typical business owners have annual revenues from $1M-$20M, have under 100 Employees and often have multiple owners.


We work with new or experienced agents who typically have an expected income over $100,000 yr and they can be on a team or independent.

1099 Income

Anyone who has variable and or non-W2 income. This includes and is not limited to sales reps, contract workers and service providers.

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