VP Marketing & Sales


Business Planning Specialist




Pristine mountains, fresh powder and one of the world's most beautiful mountain lake resorts! That was the backdrop of Doyle’s childhood home in South Lake Tahoe, CA. His love for the outdoors and the beauty of nature is part of what drew him to the Pacific Northwest over 17 years ago. 

Doyle’s financial background is extensive, 30 years, and diverse. He worked several years as a financial controller in California before taking a position as a cost accountant for a locally owned manufacturing business in Portland, OR. After the business was acquired by a major fortune 500 company, Doyle’s role in this new company expanded abroad as he soon had responsibilities over multiple locations spanning five continents and 10 countries. 

Doyle is the most proud and passionate about the work he has accomplished outside of the large corporate landscape. As a successful business owner and a consultant he has built a reputation with businesses, the self-employed and investors for being able to clean up data and create visibility most did not think was possible. The result is an unmatched  level of financial clarity and the ability to make exceptional financial decisions time and time again.  

Doyle is the proud “daddy” to his daughter and son who grew up in Portland and are currently neck deep in college courses and exams.