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Clients who hire us for offense are looking for strategies to grow their wealth. These clients are putting their money to work,. This often  Most people have an idea how to save and how to get started but then what do you do?



Clients who hire us for defense are the ones who excel at making money and now understand they must protect it. Remember, it’s not how much money you make, it’s how much you keep. Typically, the more money people make, the more targets are on their back. Hire us to come up with out of the box, creative financial strategies to keep more of your hard earned money.



People who hire us to be their head coach understand that a good offense or a good defense alone cannot win a championship. These clients are the ones who want us to review or create their current wealth building plan, tax strategies, and overall financial picture. They want to explore more ways to double down on their business and find ways to have their money work more for them and find ways to keep more of it through creative financial strategies.